Q. How far it is appropriate to select SHHC for moving Commercial or household goods or arrange every part of it yourself ?

A. Moving of household goods or commercial goods involves a lot of intricacies and to manage them is not a matter of joke. Officials have their own duties except to tackle the moving of commercial goods (and even their household goods) which is also off the track for them. So, it is better to choose any reputed professional Packers & Movers and shift the entire charge to them. Only the professionals know the skill to tackle the huge commercial goods and the fragile household goods

Q. Don't you think it is a costly affair to engage Santosh Packers & Movers just to handle old and used household goods?

A. To engage Santosh Packers & Movers concern is cost consuming. But, household goods have their own purpose and sentimental value. Sometimes, there is such sort of things which are precious, costly and scarce. Only a professional Packers & Movers can take proper care and safe, sound delivery of the materials at the destination for the aspired materials. Though it is a costly affair to engage Packers & Movers but there is some sense rather than price.

Q. Do you think that Santosh Packers & Movers really possess a human entity ?

A. Mr. R.N. Singh, one businessman recalls his own story. He had faced a very crucial time when his 4 years old daughter was in the verge of life and death as she was admitted in the Nursing Home for Open Heart Surgery and due to some awkward situation they had to be shifted from Calcutta to Ranchi, immediately. For, his daughter's illness he was bound to leave the keys of his flat to SHHC (Santosh Packers & Movers) and we had completed his consignment successfully in his absence with full responsibility and sincerity. "They relieved me to attend my daughter and gave me firm assurance to complete the consignment fairly. After completion of it, I felt that during that crisis moment I have got someone of my own in the new city" - says Mr. Singh.

Q. Is it really purposeful to engage Santosh Packers & Movers to handle delicate and sophisticated Medical equipments when it required to be packed and moved?

A. According to Mr. P. N. Rungta, Sr. Executive (Administration) , B. M. Birla Heart Research Centre, Kolkata - packing and moving of medical equipment or a total unit is very sensitive job. During the process, if the alignment changes or something got damaged - it will be a huge loss. We have the engineers who interchange their requirements with the opinion of expertise Packers & Movers and as a total team-work the total jobs are done whether the things are coming from abroad or going across the world for different purpose.

Q. Are there any basic rates for the packing of household goods and personal effects?

A. No. The rates depend on the type of household goods and the mode of packing, the location i.e. the site is within the city or outside the city.

Q. What is meant by mode of packing?

A. Mode of packing refers to the way of packing whether it will be packed in wooden crates, wooden boxes, and C.B. cases and so on.

Q. What is the basis to select the mode of packing?

A. It depends on the delicacy of the goods. If it is an Electronics equipment (i.e. Refrigerator, Television sets, Music systems), Carved sofa, crockery's etc., the mode of packing should be wooden crates or wooden box.

Q. What are the necessary packing materials used inside the boxes/crates by SHHC at the time of packing for Household / Industrial / Medical / Electronics?

A. SHHC is using all new packing materials i. e. bubble sheets, corrugated sheets, thermocol, polythene sheets, soft paper cutting , tissue papers , oil coated tissue etc. depends on the items and their delicacy.

Q. In case of Surface transport, what is the procedure to send goods?

A. SHHC moves the goods packed by them through out the country. The packed Consignment must be accompanied with Packing List given by SHHC. SHHC delivers the goods to the door steps of the consignee within the stipulated period.

Q. How the packing lists get ready?

A. Packing list is a customer friendly system. As and when, the packing is over, we put the Name of the consignee, Destination mark & Serial no. to identify easily how many packages are there in the consignment and what are the contents.

Q. What are the factors involve with an escort?

A. An Escort should be a person who is in the team of packers; so that he knows the details of the packed items. An Escort take all the responsibilities of the consignment during transit irrespective of any natural calamity and political casualty.

Q. Does SHHC maintain any provision of Escort?

A. It depends on the budget and choice of the customer. Obviously, it involves some extra cost to put the choice of an escort but it always pays to be safe and has a obvious purpose rather than price.

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